“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” Confucius
I am a Norway based author who has written eight acclaimed books and a lot of other things.  As a military veteran I have a view on life witch may differ from many others. I will try to give you valuable advice on healthy living, veteran issues, and, of course, Zen “ish” habits.

PTSD and bellyfat

They say that the signs of “The good life” lies around the stomach.  Bellyfat comes slowly but surely as one gets older. Or does it?

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All photos on this site, with a few exceptions, are taken by me or my daughter, Andrea
(English is my second language. As you may have already observed. Be patient and forgiving.) 

Anyway, this is my blog. Feel free to get to know me. 

Braa.net is an old blog. Originally written in Norwegian and from October 2021 written in English. This means that my Norwegian blog posts are gone and new English blog posts are being written as we speak. 

I write in blocks, which for the reader means that I write many thematic blog posts. As you can see, PTSD is one of the things I write a lot about – to begin with. Then there will be more of other things that interest me. Everything within the “universe” – zen ish, health and Life (in capital letters).

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