The truth is the first casualty of war

The first casualties of war

“The truth is the first casualty of war,” it is said. This is likely true. Its second casualties are the soldiers who go out to defend the politicians’ “truths.” And Norway is no exception in this regard. It is no secret what this author thinks about the motivations of many of our politicians for sending soldiers into various combat operations. Unfortunately, time has proven me right that the motives were often anything but noble and meaningful.


Why choose war?

Usually, there are far more pretentious reasons for choosing armed force over dialogue. Economy, power, and status are words that many politicians live and breathe for. In Norway’s case, the fear of being left out of a larger community is probably also a factor that pressures us into operations led by states that have often shown they do not handle these tasks well.


Finding lies within the

Unfortunately, these same states do not always give their alliance partners the whole and full truth about why they see the need to resolve things with armed force. What Norway did in the Balkans is still not entirely clear to this day.


The nobel cause - or not?

One can speculate endlessly. However, this author’s message is that the truth rarely exists—only shades of lies. And those who suffer from this are the soldiers who are sent out. Engaged, dedicated, and willing to sacrifice their lives for something they believe is important and right.

It is sad to think that in a few years, they may come to realize that the cause they fought for was not what they thought it was.

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The picture shows “Archimedes’ Dream,” a bronze statue by Igor Mitoraj. The statue is located in Siracusa (Syracuse), a city on the east coast of Sicily in Italy. It represents a winged human figure, likely inspired by mythological themes. The statue is situated by the sea and is known for its striking form and placement against the horizon and sky.

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