“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” Confucius

How to loose a friend

a friend you wished you had met earlier. “Only in the trenches during the artillery fire had I come so close to other people.       Today’s blog is

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Hot dogs are party dope #1

May 17! (The Norwegian independence day) May 17th! The day of sausages and ice cream, with the occasional frostbite, sleet, or even snow, but always, or almost always, rain. The air fills

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Look at me…please

Why did I sign up? Many years ago I signed up for Twitter and wrote some messages. My publisher at the time ( Tine Kjær ) recommended this to me.

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Cute bra(s)

Who is the Ugly eagle? My name is Knut A Braa. An ordinary norwegian name. (My middle name is Arnljot, wich means something like an ugly eagle, but that is

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Time to shelter up?

It`s a beautiful day It’s a beautiful day outside, a rare occurrence here in Trondheim, situated in the heart of Norway.  A long, dreary winter has finally let go, and

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The real heroes

Liberation Day. I am often asked what this day means to me. I must honestly admit that my first thoughts this day go to my wife, Anne Lise who celebrates

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The sound of silence

Poems dressed in wonderful music I was ( still am) an avid fan of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Their lyrics (mainly Paul’s lyrics) were something out of the ordinary.

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A lost generation

An early morning reflection An early morning reflection on a lost generation of young people, this time from a Russian perspective. I don’t know exactly how many Russians have died

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