Hot dogs are party dope #1

May 17! (The Norwegian independence day)

May 17th! The day of sausages and ice cream, with the occasional frostbite, sleet, or even snow, but always, or almost always, rain. The air fills with children’s cheers, the sight of kids waving flags, and the sound of instruments that never quite hit the right notes. Adults dress in bunads (traditional Norwegian clothing) or suits, armed with cameras and mobile phones, eager to capture and preserve every moment.

Joy, fellowship and peace.

This day embodies joy, fellowship, and peace. Every Norwegian has a connection to May 17th. Despite the fact that some may experience loss or tragedy on this day, most of us have cherished memories from past celebrations.

My father was frugal. 

With four children and a wife, he had to be. Spending money on hot dogs seemed extravagant (remember, this was in the ’70s when hot dogs were considered a treat).

Dinner sausages and a 24 pack...

Every May 17th, he brought a large thermos filled with pre-cooked dinner sausages and a 24-pack of sausage buns, along with ketchup and mustard.

(In later years, he even added fried onions.)

The biblical hunger...

We were beyond embarrassed, only a hunger of biblical proportions could drive us to huddle by the car, hoping no one would see us.

Strangely enough, forty-some years later, this stands out as one of my fondest memories of May 17th.


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