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Pretentious name for a place where I intend to share knowledge, tips, advice and “recipes” to anyone who wants to know more about writing good texts, whether you are writing a blog, screenplay, books, short stories or simply will write better. What I’m talking about is the ability to write about something important, something that concerns you, or at least write about it so that it seems that it concerns you. Write engaging, interesting and, not least, short.
And therein lies the whole concept – a good text.


Let me settle right away…

Anyone can write

Everyone can write better

Everyone can be published

Writing is a matter of finding small enough words for big enough emotions. Hans Børli

How to write a book

The blog post “10 proven and simple ways to write a bestseller” is available as a pdf here. Please feel free to download it and share it.

How to get a large audience

The blog post “How to get a larger audience” is available as a pdf here. Please feel free to download it and share it.

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The ballet dancers

Writers lie a lot. But sometimes we can imagine the truth and twist it a little. Not much, just enough to make the story worth telling.

To the right you see a short story I have written. “The ballet dancers” are a good example of a tiny bit of a lie and something true. I experienced what is described, but of course a little differently. 

And it was a picture like the one shown here that gave me the idea for the whole story. Thats sometimes all it takes

Norwegian field.KB


And soon a new short story will appear. This time about a heartless asshole who loses his heart to a young girl…


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