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I have written 8 acclaimed books and a lot of other stuff. Feel free to download The long way home for free, as a welcomegift. (Also available on Amazon) Use the button up right.  My other books are currently under translation to english. Available in Norwegian (all) in danish (Delete) and in Serbokroatian (Fastball)

Rights&Questions&Answers about my books

THE LONG WAY HOME (Free edition) 

My first book. And the most personal.
A true story.

I took a closer look at the tobacco pouch. The bud that formed the lower part of the scrotum was dark brown and looked like a dirty prune. It was difficult to see the transition between the bud and the skin above. The bud, skin and lacing at the top formed a small scrotum.
A bit like the leather purse that we had marbles in as children.

Unlike ordinary leather purses, this one was made of a woman’s breast. Cut off with a sharp knife at the sternum and then processed so that it became a usable tobacco pouch for a proud Haddad soldier.

The long road home created great debate in the Armed Forces, and has become a widely read and referenced book among soldiers and veterans.

There are some questions I am always faced with

  • What does it take to be published?
  • How can I get more creative and how can I in a simple way, (using simple methods and tools), write better?
  • Is it difficult to write a book? (Or film scripts, articles, short stories, blog posts?)
  • What do I do to be released?
“On these pages I will try to give you some answers”


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