Look at me…please

Why did I sign up?

Many years ago I signed up for Twitter and wrote some messages. My publisher at the time ( Tine Kjær ) recommended this to me. As part of the marketing of my books. I do not know what caused it, but I had enough after a few messages. I think it was the form, the shortness, the lack of possibility of formulating. It all became too small for me. I always need to elaborate. And even though I write elsewhere on this site about the need to express  oneself briefly (in short, Twitter became frustrating for me. And I stopped using it. (Even though I’m still there😉

Follow Brad Pitt or Jim Jefferies?

But I keep on getting messages from Twitter in my mailbox, where they attach examples of people I should follow or read. It’s the King, the Prime Minister, advertising people, writers, Brad Pitt (?), Jim Jefferies (I understand that better), did I mention Brad Pitt? As I receive these in a long, blissful series of emails, I read several briefly before I archive (litter) them. Some of them are good, some are well-meaning, others are satirical, (and succeed) and some are ironic (and fail) – again

The valve for frustrations

… Others are jealous, some are angry, disappointed, bitter…

That is, the whole range of human emotions.
I see this especially well when it is linked to media-covered events.
Twitter becomes a kind of valve for our frustration or joy over something that concerns us.
But when I am reading these messages, it strikes me that they are really a kind of shout, to look over here, look at me, I am here.


(Probably a bit like the fact that I have my own blog where I do exactly the same thing;)

And feel free to drop by

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