Cute bra(s)

Who is the Ugly eagle?

My name is Knut A Braa. An ordinary norwegian name. (My middle name is Arnljot, wich means something like an ugly eagle, but that is another story)

The best name when selling cars?

Anyway, when I was working in Denver in the late 80’s people had trouble pronouncing my name. They called me cute bra – which means something completely different. (as you know) Not a completely unsuitable name to have, not really, but maybe not the best when you appear (trying to appear) as a serious seller of a product. (Which at the time were cars, of all things)

And his name was....

In a typical American way, I was renamed “arnie” after my middle name.
I personally think Cute Bra was just as good a name.

My point is that I keep getting visits from all over the world to my web pages solely by my domain name. Which is These visitors are probably looking for cute bras… and will of course be disappointed when they see my happy face.

… These visitors are probably looking for cute bras…

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