Time to shelter up?

It`s a beautiful day

It’s a beautiful day outside, a rare occurrence here in Trondheim, situated in the heart of Norway.

 A long, dreary winter has finally let go, and some kind of spring is here.

I have just been to the store where I have bought everything I need for another day. Of course, I complain about the food prices, but really, it doesn’t mean much to me. I’m not rich, but neither am I poor. What irritates me is that those who own the chain stores disappear with so much of my money. And, of course, I feel really sorry for those who actually struggle financially.

But for me – everyday looks just as it has for a long time.

And for that I am grateful.


The war escalates

But things are happening in Europe. The Ukraine war is getting closer and closer. Not that it has spread geographically in any way, but what was supposed to be a quick war, with terrible results for those involved, has developed (as all wars do) in an unexpected direction.

The war escalates. More and more people are killed. The parties stand firm on each side of the front (s).

Putin, the big bad wolf, has his truth and we, with the West behind us, have our truth.

Anyway, the parties are so far apart that in the short term we do not see any solution. They (Ukraine and Russia) will continue to kill each other, today, tomorrow, until May, over the summer, and for the rest of the year. Maybe next year too. And the year after that. And, perhaps, the year following that year as well.

A lost generation of young men and women, soldiers and civilians.


Boots on the ground

At the same time, we see that the West with NATO at the forefront absolutely cannot tolerate Putin’s progress. More equipment, more weapons, more money, and harder rhetoric are being pushed.

There is talk of “Boots on the ground.” A statement launched by French President Macron. No one else in NATO wants to utter these words: simply because it will probably mean some kind of third world war. With the consequences it can bring.

Every time someone in the West contributes a greater amount of weapons or ammunition, Putin or one of his henchmen sharpen their words and shoot threats of nuclear weapons.

Not that we entirely believe him. But who knows?


What is Putins endgame?

My personal opinion is that this is Putin’s “endgame”. And with that, we can expect anything. He has set his honor (does such a thing exist among politicians/dictators?) in conquering Ukraine.

He’s not allowed to: According to NATO, a dozen European countries, the UN, and quite a few others. So what happens when he doesn’t get what he wants and Ukraine finally starts torpedoing his thoughts of a large and powerful Russia?

Well, no one knows. But so far it looks like the rhetoric is becoming reality. Sabotage actions are increasing all over Europe and we are approaching a direct confrontation between Western power and Russian power.

Is it time to stock up on canned goods at the next store visit and go into shelter?

As an old, battered soldier, I can smell war from miles away.

It doesn’t smell good.

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