Defending Putin’s methods by referring to something one is against?

“Consider this: how long do you believe you could exist before you were completely and unequivocally silenced?


I’ve authored nine books addressing the abuse of power, often depicting Western military interventions as dubious and unsuccessful endeavors. Consequently, many individuals feel compelled to enlighten me about Putin and his regime’s purported righteousness. My inbox is inundated with such perspectives. As a response, I’ve penned the following piece, outlining my stance on why we shouldn’t be deceived by such narratives.


One cannot defend Putin’s actions by citing actions they themselves oppose.

Numerous individuals concur that the actions undertaken by the United States (alongside other Western nations) in regions like Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and their affiliations with countries like the Arab Emirates warrant severe critique. 

I, too, have extensively documented the events in Kosovo, where abuse of power and hidden agendas, alongside scant democratic oversight, were evident in Western powers’ actions.

Yet, criticizing Western attempts to influence the development of other nations is a freedom afforded to me, to you, and to others, with minimal risk beyond receiving some disapproving responses from those who hold differing views. 

We are privileged to raise our voices without fear of repercussion.

This also entails the capacity to hold conflicting thoughts simultaneously.

It also means that we can have two thoughts in our head at the same time.

Justifying Putin’s actions by referencing the wrongdoings of other nations is an untenable position. Putin’s aggression towards Ukraine cannot be condoned or excused based on past transgressions of other countries.

Consider this scenario: imagine expressing the same sentiments as presented here, whether in my inbox, on my Facebook feed, or openly on Facebook, but within Putin’s Russia, critiquing his regime.

How long do you reckon you would last before facing complete and literal extinction? (Keep away from tall buildings and open windows, at least)

It would be a permanent state of suppression, if you know what I mean

All content within these pages is derived from personal experiences, serving as a reflection of my recollection of events. Everything presented here is grounded in actual occurrences, albeit unfortunately so.

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