I am primarily a writer.

I explore our daily (extra) ordinary lives, including our health, exercise routines, and all the various aspects of life. I also write about what I think lays ahead of us, offering insights (True Crime)  beyond mere headlines.

I have authored books, copywriting, articles, (Norwegian), short stories, and now, blog posts. My writing spans across various topics, but as you can see, I delve significantly into PTSD

The reason being, a few years ago, I took legal action against the Norwegian ministry of defense  (MoD), which garnered considerable attention. (I emerged victorious.)

I am aware that many people struggle with similar challenges, and I aim to be a resource for them. Do you or someone you know wrestle with PTSD?

 Take a look!

Saving life in a war zone

Intersection outside Ebel Es Saqi We had been out in AO to look at a “claim” – an insurance claim. Many of the residents demanded compensation for incidents they believed

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The young adults

The young adults. I am old enough to occasionally read the obituaries in Adresseavisen, (I admit it). An overview, mostly to see if there is anyone I know by name

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The Lebanon invasion in 1982

The Lebanon invasion 1982 Intense firing  I remember asking my boss, Lieutenant Ellefsen: “Is it like this every day here?” It was my first day as a military policeman in Norbatt

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All photos on this site, with a few exceptions, are taken by me or my daughter, Andrea. Feel free to use them as you wish. 
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(English is my second language. As you may have already observed. Be patient and forgiving.) 

Anyway, this is my blog. Feel free to get to know me. 

Braa.net is an old blog. Originally written in Norwegian and from October 2021 written in English. This means that my Norwegian blog posts are gone and new English blog posts are being written as we speak. 

I write in blocks, which for the reader means that I write many thematic blog posts. As you can see, PTSD is one of the things I write a lot about – to begin with. Then there will be more of other things that interest me. Everything within the “universe” – zen ish, health and Life (in capital letters).

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