Why are half-naked women important on the web?

Why are half-naked women important on the web?

The fact that you are reading these lines really answers the question, but let me go a little more scientific. I have done some research and found that nudity sells. Of course. (You do not have to be Einstein to understand that.)

Pink blogs (clothes, make-up, everyday life for young girls) and food blogs account for most of the number of visits. It has nothing to do with sex. Both women and men look at these pictures. But pink blogs and food blogs are largely visited by women. So why do women, women pull in the sites?

Again, it has nothing to do with sex or porn (although of course there are many men who look at these pictures for those reasons.) The porn industry experienced with the internet both its catastrophic fall, but also like a bird phoenix, a violent erection – ( it was cheap, it admits) – after the technology made it easier to play movies over broadband.

I think it’s about another form of nudity. It’s about vulnerability, about reality and about revealing, revealing, finding out. I will explain: Everyone who writes blogs is dependent on arousing the interest of those who visit. 

The reason is obvious. If there is nothing interesting to read / look at on a blog, you only get one visit. If, on the other hand, you have something of interest to offer, people will want to read and they will come for new visits.

But there is nudity and then there is nudity.

 In the old days of the internet, one could be «nap». By putting all kinds of words that were about sex in all variations into so-called meta tags, it generated spread. This is no longer the case. Writing about Petter Northug’s girlfriend, Magnus Carlsen, or Paradise hotel, obviously helps, but then you actually have to write about them.

Another way to create such an interest is to expose oneself. Literally showing off themselves (or others) undressed. Most people have natural barriers when it comes to physically undressing in front of a camera. (Although it can sometimes be difficult to understand when you see the many thousands of half-naked pink bloggers that exist.)

Surrendering oneself, honestly, is also a form of nudity. Tell her or is sincere story, the one that is not necessarily pink. 

But remember, tell your story, not someone else’s. Undress yourself, do not dress others naked

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