Do you want Attention or content?

The Woow! traffic vs information traffic

They are two types of online content. That’s what I call Wooow! traffic, the type that attracts attention, brings out the laughter or chills and that tends to go viral. And then you have the kind of content that is interesting. Both are important, but if you are going to sell something, whether it is a product, a service or just a message, the number two applies. 

You can entertain, shock, let people enjoy or laugh, but you do not sell a thing to them if you do not also have something interesting to bring. Which gives the reader a sense of lasting worthiness. A value beyond the entertainment of the moment.

Viral content has a function – to be spread – content creates interest. 


A site like viralnova has a lot of traffic.

But would you have bought any of them?  

I would not have done that. They have got my attention, but not my interest. But by all means – they sell ads. 

There are sites with content that attract attention and interest as well. 

Online newspapers are good examples of that. Such content generates traffic and content.

Remember that it is not just about traffic, but about delivering something that the visitor perceives as content. And value .

It’s not always easy to differentiate.

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