The sound of silence

Poems dressed in wonderful music

I was ( still am) an avid fan of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Their lyrics (mainly Paul’s lyrics) were something out of the ordinary. They were poems dressed in wonderful music.

Who forgets sentences like: 

People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share

(from Greatest hits, June 14, 1972. The song Sound of silence. On YouTube)

I’m old enough to remember the album where the two were pictured with suit jackets, denim pants and light brown leather shoes. These were the clothes I wore for years afterwards. (And I still like to to). A psychologist told me that there is a psychological explanation for why this is so.

The psychological explanation

We like to dress in the same way that was fashionable when we felt we were at the height of our lives. The need applies to hair and other things as well. (That explains why I dont walk around in uniform) The hair is gone a long time ago, anyway;) 

Some of us are more hardcore. We (try) to have the same hairstyle that we had when life was good (better). Is this weird? No, not really. It’s just a sign of holding on to things we’d like to experience again. Taking care of the moments, witch will not come again.

And the people bowed and prayedTo the neon god they madeAnd the sign flashed out its warningIn the words that it was formingThen the sign said, “The words on the prophets are written on the subway wallsIn tenement halls”And whispered in the sound of silence


Sound of silence lyrics

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