Do you want to become a billionaire?

Presumably you say, after laughing a bit at the question.

“Of course I want that.”

Let me tell you what I think about that dream. Dreaming of billions is something we can all do. Lotto prizes that never come our way and incredible business adventures that remain – just adventures.

The big hustle on internet today is: «Grind as hard as you can and then you finally achieve your dream of financial freedom, flashy cars and big houses.”

Have you ever thought about what it means by effort?

(If you do not become a lottery billionaire – then that is another matter. But remember that the chance of winning the lottery is as good as zero.)

Here is a small mathematical equation for you: “You are blindfolded on a train journey over 550 kilometers. Somewhere along the stretch, a bucket is placed next to the train tracks. If you throw a ball out the window at a random time on the 7-hour train ride, the chance of hitting the bucket is as great as winning the Lotto. ”

So there.

… Grind as hard as you can and then you finally achieve your dream of financial freedom, flashy cars and big houses.…

Making this amount of money from your efforts will require a lot (a lot)  of time and effort. It’s not worth it. Having expensive houses, nice cars, jet planes and boats – do you really want it with all that it entails in terms of responsibilities, obligations and, not least, time? No way. Turn it all upside down and start at the other end. 

How much do I need? Really. To live the way you want.  Not the way you think you want to live. 

How much vacation, hours of work do I need? Look at the amount you need and base your effort from that.

In a later blog posts, I will tell you how too much work actually destroys your creativity, destroys your health, hinders your productivity and takes away the important things in your life.

In other words- you will not be happier. And that is what we are all looking for. Right?

Maybe you will discover that living happily (in safety) with an opportunity to “mostly” do as you want is still within reach? Or put in the “youtube way”. How to become successful without having to break your back in the process. And keep a bit of your humanity intact while you still breathe.

Here are some links that can help you further. And look up Mark Manson. He has always something you can learn about life, happiness and things like that. .



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