Five writing rules that apply no matter what you write

Whether you write short, long, short stories, speeches, documentaries, fiction, fiction, poems… No matter how you intend to convey your message, here are some short rules to remember to convey what you want to convey in the best possible way.

Five rules for writing better:

Do not evaluate the text on the basis of the first drafts. When writing, your goal is to get the idea attached to the paper. How the grammar is or how complete the sentences appear does not matter. All this you can take when you start rewriting.

Here’s one of my fads: Keep things simple. Cut down everything superfluous. The smaller, the better. (There’s a reason my books only have 60-70,000 words.



It would have been wonderful stories to read.

Use descriptive words (adjectives and adverbs) wisely. If it becomes too much, you break point 2 (above), but at the same time they are important in relation to you coloring your text.

Always have someone else read your text. Find someone you trust. If you do not have such a person available, you can use the “24 hour” rule. Let the text rest for a day, read it again and if you still think it fits well – publish;)
(I do not know how many times this has prevented me from really messing me out, to put it popularly)

5. Pablo Picasso said: Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like only an artist can.
There are times when you have to stick to the rules and then there are those times when you can break them with a light heart. Be careful when doing what.

The idea for this text is taken from the Write Practice .

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