Cute bra(s)

  My name is Knut A Braa. An ordinary norwegian name. (My middle name is Arnljot, wich means something like an ugly eagle, but that is another story) Anyway, when I was working in Denver in the late 80’s people had trouble pronouncing my name. They called me cute bra – which means something completely …

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Look at me…please

Many years ago I signed up for Twitter and wrote some messages. My publisher at the time ( Tine Kjær ) recommended this to me. As part of the marketing of my books. I do not know what caused it, but I had enough after a few messages. I think it was the form, the shortness, the …

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Living with PTSD

Living with PTSD Living with PTSD is challenging. The experience is individual. Some have flashbacks, some suffer from poor sleeping, others have anxiety, depression and a whole host of underlying ailments. A friend of mine had once a boyfriend with PTSD and described his ailments. She sent me a poem that I would like to …

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