The long way home

The long way home

By Knut Arnljot Braa

“Is this the norm around here every day?” I inquired, breaking the tense silence with Lieutenant Ellefsen, my superior, on my debut as a military policeman with Norbatt contingent 9 in Lebanon. It was June 5, 1982. The relentless barrage had escalated since my arrival in Ebel Es Saqi village, where segments of the Norwegian UN force were stationed. Over the past few hours, PLO counter-attacks had pressed into our vicinity, while Israeli helicopters and fighter jets crisscrossed the sky above us.

“Not at all,” Ellefsen responded. “This is something entirely different.”


On 6 June 1982, Israeli forces under the direction of Defense Minister Ariel Sharon launched a three-pronged invasion of southern Lebanon in “Operation Peace for Galilee”. … Israel’s publicly stated objective was to push PLO forces back 40 kilometers (25 mi) to the north. A lot more were at stake.


  • Experiences a 19-year-old soldier had during the Israeli / Palestinian war, peace for the Galilee.
  • His way back, and the encounter with civil society.
  • A psychologist concludes the book with a thorough review of PTSD.

The Emotional Toll of Service: A Soldier's Journey


In “The Long Way Home” by Knut Braa, readers are taken on a deeply personal journey through the harrowing experiences of a 19-year-old soldier in Lebanon. 

The narrative delves into the traumatic aftermath of war, revealing the profound impact it has left on the author’s life. While some may find parallels with their own struggles, each individual’s response to trauma is unique, shaped by their own experiences and resilience.

The author’s account sheds light on the sacrifices made by countless men and women who, in their prime years, felt compelled to serve their country. 

These individuals were once vibrant and robust, both physically and emotionally, with no lingering shadows from their past. They underwent rigorous training, preparing them for the challenges ahead, but nothing could have prepared them for the magnitude of what they would face in the line of duty.

"The Long Way Home" hit the shelves of Amazon a few years back.


Recognizing its impact, I made the decision to offer it free of charge for a limited time to anyone intrigued by the exploration of veteran topics such as combat stress, PTSD, medicine, and missions.

The book is currently utilized by therapists, doctors, family members, and even serves as a manual for addressing combat stress in regions like the Middle East and in the training of military personnel.

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