Life is about contrasts...and memories

The picture above always remember me of this. Its taken in the outskirts of Trondheim, Norway. A beautiful winter pict of a tree. Exactly at the same moment this picture was taken, my daughter, Andrea, phoned me on FaceTime from Ecuador. I literally asked her to hold the line until I took the picture. Two days later all hell broke loose in Ecuador. Peaceful Norway and not so peaceful Ecuador. And there I was, thousands of miles away from my daughter. 

But first: What is Braa.net?


It is not always as easy to answer. Braa.net originally started as an author blog, (18 years ago!) where the posts were about things I observed around me, about society and about veterans. 

As many may know, I had a few rounds with the Norwegian department of defence (Norwegian MoD. FD) in the mid 2000s and that set me back. Not necessarily in a negative way, but it became more of a kind of reset. (Se the dark web if you like to read more). 

Being a military veteran I had to find out who I was.

So: I am a writing guy, with community involvement, who is passionate about books, pictures, travel, people, and life itself. 

And I want to contribute positively.

I love words and phrases, especially when they can be collected in books

Thus, I brush the dust off Braa.net as a resource for all those who have the same interests, and maybe, maybe we get some aha experiences along the way.

 This is Braa.net

Childhood picture of me

Editorial Process

Internet is a place where you can find what you are looking for and the truth according to your opinion. In short, a lot of the information out there is not “evidence based”, “fact checked”, and a lot are “theory” and “opinion”. I will try as far as I can, to give you the two first mentioned on my site. But of course, there are times when theory and opinion also should be heard.

I will therefore link to the places I have found the things I write about and that gives you the opportunity to double check yourself.

who has this to say about his upbringing:
  • 60’s. I was born and practiced mostly nothing but eating, playing and laying the foundation for a lot of hiccups.
  • 70s. Still a lot of twine. Schooling. Learned to read reasonably quickly. Loved the library. Did not love math. Eating became a problem. I went with the newspapers at night and had money. Double chocolate donuts were what I liked the most. 98 kilos as a 12-year-old was the result, where an 8mm film from a festive occasion suddenly made me realize that changes were needed. 28 kilos later (and some visits to Haukåsen where I was so lucky to get help from Dr. Kreyberg for my obsessive-compulsive disorder), the 80’s came. (I will write more about obsessive-compulsive disorder among children, adolescents and adults later. It is a much bigger problem than we realize.)
  • 80’s. Great upheavals. Gymnasium, hormones and infatuations that were never reciprocated. And someone who was;)
  • The military: First Vatneleiren in Stavanger where boys become men and… (actually we remained boys, but we froze, struggled a lot and discovered, among other things, that living with mom and dad was really allright) Then a few months in beautiful northern Norway. But you world so cold it was up there. A strong desire not to take up high school subjects, nor to become a policeman (which was a bit expected if you were a military policeman), made me go to Lebanon as a “peace soldier”. Not a pleasant experience. Believe me.
  • 90s. New companies, many bad ideas, some good ones and a few golden eggs. Found people who did me good. Established Painthouse with a good friend. We were, without knowing it, among the first on the whimsical thing called the internet.
  • Year 2000 and onwards… Settled with the Ministry of Defense. It took about ten years, but was most hectic in 03 and 06. Something good came out of it too. Sold the company. Started writing. Kept on writing, and still do. And may that childhood continue forever. 

And for those of you who have read this far:  THE DARK WEB  Is an offer for you who really like to read about dark things. (Soldier, veterans, PTSD, my story)


Childhood picture of me

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